RF/Microwave, Optical, and BER Instruments / Rentals, Leasing, and Sales: (DC – 220 GHz) Vector Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Synthesizers, Signal Generators, Optical Instrumentation, Power Meters, K, V & W1 Components

Junkosha USA: 
High-Performance Coaxial Cables to 120GHz: Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) Dielectric, Phase/Amplitude Stable vs. Temp/Flexure, 2-Week delivery at 30% Savings. Ideal for Test & Measurement and Interconnect, Custom Designs Welcome.

RF & Microwave Filters to 50GHz: Discrete, Ceramic, Cavity, Combline & Interdigital, Waveguide, Tubular, Suspended Substrate, High Power & Special Shape Filters

JFW Industries: 
Attenuation and RF Switching, Automated Test Systems and Components- 50 ohm/75 ohm. Passive Connectorized Components to 40GHz, 50Ohm & 75Ohm: Attenuators: Fixed, Programmable & Manual, Power Dividers, RF Switches, No NRE for Custom Designs, ISO-9001:2015 Registered

Renaissance Electronics & Comms (REC):
RF/Microwave Ferromagnetic Devices to 40GHz: Circulators/Isolators (Coaxial, Drop-In, Microstrip, SMT, Waveguide), Space & Hi-Rel, Splitters/Combiners, Dual Directional Couplers, Switches, Switch Matrix

Millimeter-wave Products to 110GHz: Point-to-Point Radio Links, Transceivers, LNAs, Power Amps, Mixers & Upconverters, Frequency Multipliers, Switches, Detectors, Oscillators & Isolators/Circulators

RF Interconnect Design & Manuf. to 50GHz: Standard & Custom Coaxial Connectors, Adapters & Cable Assemblies, IP68 Rated Immersible, Low PIM, Panel Mount, Field Replaceable, 3D Electromagnetic Analysis, Small Quantities Welcome

Ciao Wireless: 
GaAs FET MIC Amplifiers:  RF and Microwave Thin-Film Hybrid Amplifiers (30 KHz to 50 GHz) Radial Power Combiners/Dividers, Space & Hi-Rel, Connectorized & SMT, 1-3 weeks for many catalog & custom amps, No NRE or min. buys

HV Technologies: EMC Test Solutions:

  • EMC Partner: Conducted Immunity Test Instruments
  • Montena: High-voltage / high-speed impulse gen & measurement, RS105 (NEMP), Pulse Current Injection (PCI), & more
  • Prâna: Class A Solid State RF Power Amplifiers for Broadband apps, EMC test, instrumentation & radio-communications
  • Pontis EMC: EMC Hardened Audio and Video Systems
  • Innco Systems: Manufacturer of positioning systems for EMC (EMI / EMS), Wireless, OATS, RF, RCS & HF, M&T apps
  • EMZER: EMSCOPE Dual Modal EMI receiver for conducted emissions and modal measurements with integrated LISN.
  • IZT: RF Performance Testers and Spectrum Monitoring / Recording Products, incl. Sig Gens, Receivers, and Transmitters
  • Schwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik: Antennas & RF Test Accessories, Attenuators & Pulse Limiters, and LISN’s
  • Frankonia EMC: Manual & Automated, Emission Test Systems, Radiated & Conducted Immunity, Field Strength Meters

Scientific Microwave Corp:
Passive Waveguide Design & Manuf. to 65GHz. Terminations, Bends, Adapters, Phase Shifters, Circulators/Isolators, Filters, Switches, Narrow-band / Wide-band, Low-Power / High-Power Applications, ISO-9001:2008 certified

Test Tooling Solutions Group:
High Performance Test Sockets/Contactors to 110GHz/200Gbps, WLCSP (to 150um): BGA, LGA, QFN, QFP, SO, Kelvin Contact, Controlled Impedance, High Power & Extreme Temperature, Coax & Replacement Probe Pins.