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EMC Products

Covering California

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  HV Technologies Prominent Supplier of EMC Test Equipment: HV Technologies Partners are listed below:


EMC - Partner Transient Test Systems and Surge Generators: ESD, Switching Transients, EFT/Burst, DOW, Surge, 10/700, Surge, Ring Wave, Common Mode, Harmonics and Flicker, DO-160 Indirect Lighting. MIL-STD: CS106, CS115,CS116,CS117,CS118; Insulation Testing

  Gauss Instruments Fully Compliant EMI Receivers: 10KHz - 40GHz available, World's fastest receiver, 645 MHz real-time Bandwidth, 64000x Faster than conventional.

Montena Military Impulse Test Systems: HEMP and EMP systems for all applications. MIL-STD: RS105, 300kV ESD, PCI, Pulse Sensors


Prana  Power Amplifiers: Solid State Class A, 100% mismatch tolerance into any VSWR, 10 KHz - 6 GHz, powers up to 12,000 Watts.



  Innco Systems  Positioning Systems: Turn Tables, Antena Masts, Antenna Stands, Probe Positioners, Cable Tracks, Test Cables, Dynamometers.
  Pontis EMC Products Hardened Fiber Optic Links: Video Cameras, Sound Systems, High Speed, USB, Ethernet, CAN Bus, Serial, I/O
  Schwarzbeck Mess-Electronik RF Test Accessories: Antennas, Bicons, LPs, Horns, LISNs, Pre-Amps, CDNs
DMAS Microwave Absorber: High Performance Polystyrene Microwave Absorber, Hybrid RF Absorber, Broadband Microwave Absorber, Clean Room Rated, REACH and ROHS Compliant.
    Comtest Engineering Chambers and Shielded Rooms: High performance RF shielded rooms, reverberation chambers, semi or full anechoic chambers. Comtest high performance RF shielded doors, mode-stirrer systems and microwave absorbers have been internationally recognized as state of the art products.
  Select Fabricators  RF EMI Shielded Fabric Enclosures. Tabletop and Full room designs. Fabric Tents for EMI and semi-conductor test. RF pouches for securing RF and mobile devices. Aerospace covers for Satcom static protection.


Rentals, Leasing and Sales: RF/Microwave Signal Generators and Spectrum Analyzers for EMC testing.



  JFW Industries  Passive Components: Programmable, Manual and Fixed Attenuators, Terminations and Mismatches, Power Dividers, Couplers, DC Blocks, RF Switches, RF Detectors, Adapters, Test Systems etc...
  TestWorld  Refurbished and Used Test Equipment from all Manufacturers.

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