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Rentals, Leasing and Sales:

RF/Microwave, Optical and BER Instruments : (DC-110GHz) Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Synthesizers, Signal Generators, Optical Instrumentation, Power Meters, and Radio Communications Test Instrument.

  CPI BMD Solid State Power Amps: Up to 30KW, Integrated Microwave Assemblies to 40 GHz. High Power Receiver Control Components. Transmitters, Modulators for Magnetrons, Klystrons, TWTs, Gyrotrons, CFAs (Cross Field Amplifiers).



  JFW Industries  Passive Components: Programmable, Manual and Fixed Attenuators, Terminations and Mismatches, Power Dividers, Couplers, DC Blocks, RF Switches, RF Detectors, Adapters, Test Systems etc...
Ciao Wireless Inc.  RF and Microwave Amplifiers 30 kHz to 30 GHz, Space Qualified and Hi-Rel Passive Components: Filters, Radial Power Combiners/Dividers, Multiplexers, Hybrids, Couplers, High Power Loads/Circulators, Iso-Filters and OMT/Polarizers.

  Lorch Microwave Filters: RF and Microwave. Filters covering 5MHz to 40 GHz. Discrete-Lumped Element. Discrete Micro-Miniature. Cavity. Ceramic. Tubular. Tunable. Waveguide 4- 40 GHz. Integrated assemblies: Switch Filter Banks, Filter Amps, Diplexers, Triplexers etc...
    GT Microwave Connectorized PIN Diode Phase Shifters, Switches, Vector/Pulse Modulators, Attenuators and other PIN Diode based components.
CPI  Instrumentation Amplifiers: (1GHz to 40GHz) : TWTA's available in octave and multi-octave bandwidths, in power levels from 20 to 250 Watts.

  FEI-ElcomTechnologies,Inc.  Frequency Sources: Including Broadband Direct Analog, Indirect PLL, Narrow Band, Fast Switching, Low Phase Noise Frequency Synthesizers, VME Based Tuners and Phase Locked DRO's.
  Johnstech International
Test Sockets: Design, manufacture and distribute high-density, high performance Test Sockets and other interconnect products for the electronic industry.

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